Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back in South Africa

We are back in South Africa and Bruce has said she will take over the Blog for a while as She has finally learned how to use a computer, hehehe
Since our return we have already been up to Lesuto and over to Namibia
We are House, Dogs and Motorcycle hire and repair shop sitting for Thomas who is in Germany for 3 mths.
Its cold here as its midwinter, just like a English Summer!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New photo link

sorry, i havn,t posted for ages, were in Chile after travelling down through OZ and Tasmania and NZ; I hate internet cafes so I have got a mate to put a link on to all our photos, it sort of reads like a blog because I have captioned the pics, were off to Argentina in the next few days and then up to Bolivia and Peru, just pick the photo album of choice and thats what we did there, I,ll try to get better at posting but basically it became a real chore doing the blog so I stopped for a while but I was still putting photos in our a lbum

Just click here to view our Photo Albums. Enjoy

Friday, January 1, 2010

Er which way was it, more Mark an Rueben

Which way then mates

It looks slippy eh, it was worse than that

Smiley Bruce
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The meet up and ride with Mark and Rueben

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Mark and Rueben

Met these 2 through Horizonsunlimited web site, we did a rather longer ride out with these 2, over 400km mostly on trails and back roads in the pissin rain, I thought it was supposed to be hot here!!!!! we met up at 8.30am( I know seems unlikely for us but its true) and headed off into the rain forest and boy did it live upto its name, Both guys were on road bikes with road tyres and we did some great trails, they did really well on road tyres, I was slipping all over the place on Trail tyres, I can,t list everywhere we went cos I havn,t got a clue all I know is it was another great day and we wound up back at Marks in Brisbane where we stopped the night and eat a homemade curry and drank a lot of beer so thanks mates for a great day out.Mark has given us a load of maps with detailed instructions of great roads, we are heading off tomorrow to head down to Sidney and surrounding ares and probably going to a bike rally that Mark told us about in Cambera, Pics to follow

Bruce, Amanda and Glen at natural bridge

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Couple of ride outs we did with people we met here

We met Amanda, (no not that one, this is one who lives here) havin a smoke outside a pub here, turns out she,s a Warrington girl and she rides bikes, were a bloody magnet me an B, She very kindly offered to show us round some of the back routes through the mountains east of here, her boyfriend Glen came with us in a very tidy 67 Mustang, we met up at her house and set off to a place called Natural bridge, a great ride out and very good company